Ranjana script

The Ranjana script, which is also known as Lantsa (or Lanydza) ལཉྫ་ in Tibetan, is one of the many alphabets derived from the Brahmi script. It developed during the 11th century AD and was used until the mid-20th century in India and Nepal by the Newar people to write the Newar language.

Praying wheels with Ranjana script

Tibetans use this script, which they call Lantsa, for writing the Sanskrit titles of books which have been translated from Sanskrit to Tibetan, and for decoration in temples, mandalas and other dharma objects. There are also a few texts printed with alternating lines in Sanskrit in the Lantsa script followed by a Tibetan translation. There were many original Sanskrit manuscripts written in Lantsa preserved in the old monasteries of Tibet but most of these were destroyed following the Chinese take-over.

In addition, the Ranjana script is/was used mainly for decoration by Buddhists in China, Mongolia and Japan.

Source: Omniglot / Ranjana script

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