Tibetan: ནོར་བུ་རིན་པོ་ཆེ་, Wylie: nor bu rin po che, Sanskrit: maṇiratna. A jewel, gem. In Tibetan: “precious jewel”.

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Tibetan: བདུད་, Wylie: bdud, Sanskrit: Māra. Demon. the tempter in general, that which makes obstacles to spiritual practice and enlightenment.

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Middle Way

Tibetan: དབུ་མ་, Wylie: dbu ma, Sanskrit: madhyamāpratipad. aka Madhyamaka. Teaching on emptiness first expounded by Nāgārjuna and considered to be the basis of the Secret Mantrayāna (aka

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Mount Meru

Tibetan: རི་རབ་, Wylie: ri rab, Sanskrit: sumeruparvata. Immense mountain, square in shape and wider at the top than at the bottom, surrounded by the four

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Buddhist Thangkas from Boudhanath, Nepal